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Jam Packed is a Bristol based creative production company offering a variety of services relating to music events, promotion, production and recording.

We host a variety of live music events working in partnership with some of the city's community spaces. We strive to create events that neither fall into the live gig nor club night category. Instead we've been creating immersive experiences with a mixed media approach to the production of music, video and events.

In addition to our regular event series there we occupy our own studio space at The Jam Jar Bristol. From here we manage a number of external event productions, and facilitate recording, rehearsing and producing music and video.

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Studio space

The Jam Packed Music Studio in central Bristol offers recording, rehearsing and mixing facilities. Our space includes 3 isolated rooms hard wired into a control room. 1st room is the The Jam Jar's performance and auditorium hall, the second is the rehearsal/live room, and the other is a second live room/booth.

We can multitrack 40 channels in/out. We have a range of backline including vintage Valve amplifiers, top of the range drum kits, percussion and a variety of instruments. Our network of professionals include some talented and experienced music producers, as well a diverse range of musicians who are available to feature on recording/production projects.

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Music Videos

Music videos have become an essential part of promoting artists and bands and truly help acheive that professional
If you're looking to get noticed, it's a huge advantage to have an original and high quality video, and we would love to make that happen for you!

There are a number of different types and styles of video such as traditional video footage, animation & lyric videos, green screen, performance videos and capturing
Take a look at the options available in the link below, and contact us to get the ball rolling.

Stage Visuals for bands, events & festivals

Our Jam Packed artists collaborate to bring bespoke visual design to your event, merging projections, sculpture and décor to suit your needs.

Our digital artists can design flowing patterns, vintage film, audio-reactive effects, 3D projection mapping or live camera footage. These visual effects can be combined with a focal sculpture, a DJ booth, bold stage design or themed décor to transform any space.

Our artists can also provide costume work if your event includes immersive performance or theatre. If you’re looking to elevate the impact of your event and are not sure how, then get in touch! Through discussions with you and our artists, we can help to determine a visual design that combines the most appropriate creative elements to suit the space and the event theme.

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